San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

This place blew my mind.  We had made plans to go to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, because Ry desperately wanted to see a mummy, and short of living off of beans and ramen for the next nine years, I wasn’t sure how we could make that happen.  Imagine my glee when we discovered not one but two absolutely amazing places within a few blocks of each other, that I previously didn’t know existed.

The rose garden is literally in the middle of a residential neighborhood in San Jose, a public park, absolutely free, where you can smell roses to your heart’s content. There are endless varieties here, all colors and sizes.  Did you know there’s a rose that smells like licorice?  No joke!  And it’s here!  You can also find a tranquil fountain, lots of grass and a few benches where you can just soak up the beauty of the place.  It’s pretty spectacular.

I’ve since framed these pictures together (the two below the cat).  These are my kiddos.  Having a mama who loves to travel is normally pretty fun, I hear, but this trip the traffic was nuts.  We’d been in the car for four hours.  I got everyone up at 5:30 because I thought we could beat the traffic.  Ha! I’m not a big city girl and frankly have no understanding of the intricacies of morning traffic in San Jose. Maybe it was a mellow, breezy morning for most commuters.  To me, it was close to abject torture.  So we’ve been in the car for four hours after dragging the kids from bed and throwing a waffle at them, and they’re done.  It’s a bicker-fest in the back seat, and my kids have resorted to being two, like they haven’t done in years.  We took a wrong turn trying to find the gardens, pretty sure with me looking like this:

And then, like magic, it’s right there.  Roses! A whole park full of roses.  The kids fall silent, race from the car, and for a minute I lose them in a field of pinks and reds.  Ally did cartwheels down the rows.  Ry tried to figure out how “red” could have so many different scents.  After exploring the whole park, laughing and comparing favorites, they sat down on a bench by the fountain. Their arms went around each other, woes of the back seat forgotten, and I snuck behind them to take a picture of my beautiful children.  Luckily I’m quick with the pictures, because the very next moment they’re trying to shove each other off said bench *sigh*.

This is part of road trips.  The crazy amazing sights, the sheer magic of stumbling upon a rose garden in the middle of a bustling city block, finding a mummy a few hours from your house, chasing waterfalls, discovering a road side stand that sells fried artichokes, and the aftermath of a four hour car ride early in the morning.

The yellow ones smell like summer.  Lemonade on a veranda, maybe a little umbrella drink – that’s this rose.  Good thing I’m not in charge of rose naming…

To find the San Jose Municipal Rose Gardens, head for the intersection of Dana Ave. and Naglee Ave. in San Jose, California.  It’s free to the public, open year round, and an absolutely gorgeous place to practice cartwheels or read a book.  It’s also mere blocks from the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum – make a day of it!



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