Velocity Island – Wakeboard and Water Park

When did you last jump on a trampoline?  It’s been years for me.  Like maybe 20.

I’m not sure who had more fun here – my mom and I or the kids.

Velocity Island is a little aqua and wakeboarding park in Woodland, California, where you can jump on trampolines ON THE WATER, swing and leap into the pool, build up some major speed on the slides, or learn to wakeboard.   It’s set up like a giant obstacle course, so if your kids have been sassy in the car, you can challenge them to a race.  If they’ve been REALLY sassy or you’re feeling sinister, you can wait until they jump onto the inflated water pillow and launch them into the pool.  I did. They fell for it twice, or maybe the pillow is just fun!

We had a blast here.  I was nervous at first.   We went to a water park at Lake Siskiyou in Mount Shasta, California, last year, and I literally couldn’t lift myself onto the trampoline.  It sat high in the water, it was slippery, and let’s face it, I like tacos. I could not hoist myself out of the lake using just my arms with a flimsy cloth rung two feet over my head. Can you tell that one’s not my favorite? So I approached Velocity Island with some anxiety and resigned myself to swimming around the kids while they frolicked.  But guess what?  I had no trouble at all getting on these trampolines! If you’re also a taco-loving gypsy mama (or papa, or friend), it’s totally okay!  The handholds are low to the water, they’re plentiful, and if you get stuck, there’s room to stick your foot up there and push off.  So much fun can be had here!

Cost: Parking is free.  The aqua park is $15-20 per person for a 50-minute session.  If you want another session that same day, they’ll knock $5 off.  They provide the life jackets (you have to wear them if you want in the aqua park).   Your kiddos have to be at least six years old and at least 48″ tall.  If you want to learn to wakeboard, they do that too, with a mechanical cable system that can drag you all around the water while you practice your flips and turns.  We haven’t tried that yet,  but it looks cool.  Little tip – go online and SIGN THE WAIVER before you get there.  I was short on time the night before we went and thought, meh, should be quick and easy to sign there.  No. If it’s a busy day, you wait in line to get your wristband, and if you don’t have the waiver on file, they give you a tablet and send you to the back while you painstakingly fill out emergency contacts, names, addresses and everything else using an itty bitty touch screen.  Then you get back in line.   We had four waivers to fill out.  Individually.  Just do this at home and breeze through the line!

Directions: 755 North East Street, Woodland, California.  It’s about a half hour from Sacramento.

If you come during early summer, there is a HUGE field of sunflowers next to the parking lot.  If you worked up an appetite, there’s also falafel down the street.  Good falafel.  I’m a vegetarian and go a little nuts over chickpeas.  The restaurant is called Chickpeas.  I was sold just on the name, and the food did not disappoint.  It was so stinkin good.  Ry had a chicken pita as big as his head, and snarfled it in five minutes flat.  He’d never had Middle Eastern food before.  It now ranks right up there with french fries.



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